Water Soccer

Why You Should Play Water Soccer

NO SOCCER SKILLS NEEDED! – Having top-notch skills doesn’t matter in water soccer, as players have to adapt to playing in very different conditions, such as kicking a ball on water!


‘COOL’ WAY TO PLAY! – Playing in a pool of water sure beats sweating under the hot sun!


SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE! – Water Soccer is easy to play, and suitable for all ages and sizes!

Water Soccer

Had enough playing football on the pitch and futsal pitch? Ever thought of trying out something different yet you insisted on playing football?


Fret not, aspiring footballers! EdusportSingapore is delighted to introduce to you an interactive game called ‘Water Soccer’. This is not a game where the skillful players thrive but a brand new concept. Using the inflatable soccer pitch filled with water, you can have a ‘soaking’ time under the scorching hot sun playing soccer with your friends!


It was certainly a new and interesting way to play soccer! Definitely recommended during hot weather!

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