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EduSportSingapore is the leading sports events company in Singapore. We have successfully organised over 50 sports events over the past year.


We deliver a wide range of quality indoor and outdoor sporting activities catering to clients from groups as little as 20 as well as larger group sizes of up to 500 pax.

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Team Building companies who are keen to include sporting elements into your events are welcomed to inquire. We will gladly cater your needs and collaborate with your brand!


With well-trained and certified safety officers, worry no more about potential accidents and let us take care of you for you!


We cater to people of all ages! From children as young as 8 years old to people up to the age of 40, we leave no one out. Satisfaction is guaranteed 100% if you sign up with us, so why wait?


Our programs are endorsed by Sport Singapore under the Sport Education Program (SEP). We have qualified instructors to conduct various sporting events in schools!


The entire process of engaging us will be a breeze. Tell us your requirements and we’ll get back to you in no time with a customised plan!


Read more about SEP here!

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