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Best School Activities for Secondary Schools

Secondary School academics consist of both teaching methods and textbook understanding. It is also essential for students to find excitement in their activities to learn from them properly. Utilizing fun classroom games are one of the best ways to motivate them and encourage them to rely on their creativity and imagination. As such, here are some of the best school activities for secondary schools:


This is a classic game that encourages students to stand up and participate in class. The game requires a list of people and actions or concepts related to the subject of the game.

A student stands out in front of the rest and acts out a word from the list while the other students take turns to guess the word. Whoever gets the correct answer has the opportunity to act out the next term.

Teachers can make the game more challenging by adding words related to specific subjects and have students’ research into target keyword and act it out to win the game. Alternatively, teachers could restrict particular actions that students can do for particular words, increasing the difficulty of the game and encouraging students to use their creativity to find new ways to do it.


Hangman is a traditional and interactive game that is played to improve the subject knowledge or spelling of students.

A whiteboard and a list of words related to specific subjects would be required.

The game needs two teams, so the class should be divided into two. One student from a team stands in front of the others at the whiteboard and selects a word from the list. The other students of the team guess while the student draws a line for every wrong guess of either an alphabet or a word. As more lines are drawn, an image of a man being hung will be created. The team who guesses the word first wins unless the hangman is complete. The game repeats itself for a decided time. The team with the highest score wins.

If you consider drawing a man being hung to be an inappropriate classroom image, you can play another version called Spaceman. Alternatively, you can use other elements like a snowman or any image related to the specific subject.

Archery Tag

Moving to outdoor games, Archery Tag is an interesting game that can help improve a student’s physical abilities.

You would require only a few bows, foam-tipped arrows, and protective face masks for the game. When it comes to the number of players per round, two teams of five players are required to play the game.

The rules of engagement of the game are simple and is similar to dodgeball. Each member runs to the middle of the field to collect the arrows and then attempts to shoot the opposite team members. If the arrow connects, the opposing team member is eliminated. A team member can be revived if a player catches an arrow shot at them. The foam-tipped arrows prevent any severe injury, and the string’s tensile strength is kept at a low 30lbs.

Archery Tag also provides a new skill development opportunity for students that they can possibly tap on later in their life. Archery is a well-known sport worldwide and finding an interest in it at a young age can bring out hidden potentials in some students.

Trying out exciting classroom games and sports with students encourages them to apply their knowledge in new and innovative ways to develop their creativity and nourish their imagination. These simple but effective classroom activities are among the best school activities for secondary schools, and can contribute a great deal to all kinds of lesson plans.

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