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Why are Sports Events Great MOE Certified Activities?

Sports events are great MOE certified activities because they promote the development of physical and mental strength in students and encourage them to stay active and fit. Daily physical activity plays a pivotal role in improving their self-esteem and mental alertness. It also increases confidence and teaches various skills like leadership, patience, teamwork, and social skills.

On top of the above mentioned, research has also proved that regular physical activity enhances blood flow to the brain and aids the body build better connections between nerves. As a result, it enhances memory retention power, stimulates creativity, develops better problem-solving skills. Therefore, sporting activities are excellent at facilitating the development of a student’s brain.

Here are several benefits students can gain from sporting events:

Develop Leadership Skills

Sports are a great way to develop potential leadership skills. It leads the students to understand the power of teamwork and how to make major decisions in adverse situations.

A leader is not only responsible for leading a team. He or she also supports and encourages other members to face challenges. Therefore, developing leadership skills teaches students to boost each other’s confidence and appreciate their teammate’s efforts in given situations.

Better Academic Performance

Another reason why these MOE certified activities are good is because can also help students to perform better in their academics. Regular physical activity helps to improve memory, increase concentration and also refresh the minds of students. When sports are a part of a daily school routine, students have been observed to have improved academic scores.

Develop Cooperation and Teamwork

Team sporting activities develop a sense of cooperation and coordination among the members. Students learn how to work in a team by showing respect to each other and also learn how to encourage one another. On top of that, the bond between students becomes very strong when team members share the same determination and perseverance to win. Because of that determination, the team will strive together and work hard to win the competition.

Develop Discipline

No sporting activity is complete without discipline. With a coach and instructor’s guidance, students can learn how to be disciplined to maintain and contribute to their position in a team. More importantly, it teaches the students to understand the value of time and how to accomplish a task within a stipulated time.

Boost Emotional Strength

Winning or losing a game is an inevitable part of any competitive sport. Sporting competitions keep students determined to reach the ultimate goal of winning.  However, in the event that they do not win, it teaches the students a fantastic life lesson of accepting failure and working harder in future to achieve goals. By being in such situations, the emotional strength of the students will eventually be strengthened, and this will hopefully prepare them to face more adverse challenges in future and accomplish their goals with confidence.


In recent years, students have spent a lot of time playing online games and using their mobile devices. Excessive use of mobile devices and online games can negatively impact the students in both mental and physical ways. Sporting activities have the ability to take the children away from their mobile devices and online games to participate in more physical activity.

To add on to that, sporting events can also promote good values such as sportsmanship, honour, hard work, perseverance, and team spirit. Therefore, students need to be encouraged more to participate in sporting activities for their holistic growth.

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