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The 3 Most Popular Sports Games for Schools

Whether it’s a team sport activity or even individual competitive sports activities, games are one of the best ways to stay active and healthy. But not all games are made equal, and in school sporting events, certain games are prevalent. Games like Kin-ball, bubble bump and archery tag are popular sports games for schools. This is because they are excellent choices to make your sports events memorable!


The official Kin-ball team colors are black, grey, and blue. There are three teams playing per game, and each team consists of four players. To score points, players have to launch their ball from their side of the court into the opposing team’s area in a way where they are unable to catch it. The game is usually played until one team has won three periods. Each period takes around 10 minutes, and when the first team reaches 11 points in a period, and team with the lowest points leaves the court and the remaining two teams play until one team gets 13 points and is crowned the winner.

Kin-ball originated in Quebec and is a fascinating choice of game that ignites a competitive sporting spirit among the children. It is also commonly played at an international level, and students taking part in such activities feel engaged and motivated throughout as international level games are mostly competitions between schools.

Bubble Bump

Bubble Bump is an entertaining activity consisting of five participants, and a leader or “king”. This leader will be appointed and marked with a tape on their large bubble. The main objective of the playing team is to make sure the leader or “king” reaches the marked zone before the other team’s “king”. The members of each team will bump away opponents to safeguard the bubble of their leader. This game hinges heavily on unity and encourages the participants to be very active.

There are many variations of this game like conquer the base, protect the king, and bubble soccer to name a few. All of the games are played within a bubble, and it is a hilarious sight to enjoy this fun game with children. The entire game promotes teamwork, determination, resilience, and the power of solidarity.

Archery Tag

Archery tag is a combination of three other main sports that include dodgeball, paintball, and archery. The participants build a team of five members and the goal is to shoot the players in the opposing teams with foam tipped arrows using a bow. For safety, the players wear protective masks and use a bow with less than 30lb of tension to avoid any injury. The game rules closely resemble dodgeball, and it begins with several arrows in the center of the field. The game instructor blows the whistle, and the team members run to collect the arrows before they can attack the opposing team. A player is eliminated if he or she is struck by an arrow.


All these team games encourage the students to take part in physical activities, and studies have shown that this can increase self-esteem and reduce stress and anxiety. With fun gaming activities, you can make your sports event a remarkable one. Moreover, with a professional sports event organizer, you can make the event a lot safer and more systematic with people who are trained in expert risk management and in conducting these popular sports games for schools professionally.

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