teacher's d-i-y programme

Programme Overview

Teacher’s DIY Programme is EduSportSingapore’s solution in allowing schools to safely continue sports events amidst the current pandemic situation. As of date, Safe Management Measures (SMMs) and the newly implemented primary school’s safety regulations make it difficult for teachers to organise any sort of sports activities/events for their students. 

Primary School’s Safety Regulation: External personnel (i.e., Instructors) are not allowed to enter the school’s premises. So as to ensure student’s have minimal contact/interaction with any external personnel. 

This is where the Teacher’s DIY Programme comes into play, the programme allows teachers to provide their students with activities equally enriching and engaging to that of activities run by external personnel.

Do It Yourself

DIY is meant to be fuss-free and easy!  

To ensure a totally fuss-free and simple procedure for the teachers, EduSportSingapore will be responsible for all necessary procedures up till the actual event (which will be carried out by the teachers themself), such as:

Available Activities

Sport activities available under the Teacher’s DIY Programme are:


*The activities listed above are our recommendations, activities we have done in the past and proven to be fuss-free for the teachers and engaging for the students. If you have other activities in mind, kindly enquire with us

Check out Most Popular Sports Activities in Singapore for the list of activities EduSportSingapore offers. 

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