Providing professionally-planned team sports games is one of EduSport’s core areas of expertise. We help you make organizing sports events hassle-free.

Over the years, we have become one of the most trusted school and corporate sports event organisers in Singapore by consistently organizing well-managed and safe events for our clients.

EduSport has professionally certified instructors to conduct the team sports, including a wide variety of SEP endorsed sports so rest assured, your sports event is in good hands. 

Water Soccer

Benefits of Team Sports

Team sports require individuals to work together as a group, on the same team, to reach a common goal. This goal is often to win the game and the winning criteria varies from game to game. Often, it revolves around outscoring your opponent’s team.

Throughout the game, team members will have to solve problems and difficult situations presented to them by communicating well and making fast, effective decisions. By working as a team, groups can explore each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a supportive, safe and fun atmosphere.

Additionally, team sports can bring out the best in individuals and natural leaders can be identified as individuals emerge during the course of the games to take control of situations. These features make team sports games an excellent physical activity to build team spirit, self-esteem and camaraderie.

Check out our time-tested team sports games that include traditional games like basketball and tug-of-war to contemporary favourites like Kin Ball, Archery Tag and Bubble Bump. 




SEP: BADM2212004

Serve! Smash! Score!

Badminton is played on a court with racquets and shuttlecocks. Teams score when the opponent team is unable to return the shuttlecock successfully. So start busting out your tricky moves to show your opponents what you’ve got!

Perfect for a high intensity indoor activity.

GIC Basketball Championship 2023


Channel your inner Michael Jordan and show everyone that gravity won’t hold you back from that slam dunk!

Basketball is played on a court with a ball. Teams score when they successfully shoot the ball into the basket on their opponents side of the court.

Ideal for team building and nurturing sportsmanship.

National Neuroscience Institute SPORTS DAY


Think basketball, but instead of a hoop at the end of the court, it is a living, breathing human being.

Captains ball is played with a ball and a “captain” that functions as a basketball hoop! Teams score when the ball is successfully passed to the captain. 

Highly reccomended for team building and quick decision making.



Ever wanted to throw something at someone with no consequences? Look no further.

Dodgeball is played with multiple balls at one time on a court. Members are eliminated if a thrown ball hits them. Once all members of a team are eliminated, the opposing team wins the round, so get moving to win big!

Recommended for building dexterity and general awareness.

Floorball 2


SEP: FLOO2003001

Think Hockey, but a lightweight version that is much safer because the play style is much less aggressive!

Floorball is played on a court with special light-weight sticks and balls. Teams score when they successfully and skilfully navigate the ball past a goalkeeper and shoot the ball into the goal.

A great option for team building and strategic planning.



Soccer just got a whole lot smaller and faster.

Futsal is played with a ball on a small court. It is very similar to soccer except that the court is much smaller. There are only 5 players per team with one being a goalkeeper, and similar to soccer, they score when they shoot the ball past a goalkeeper and into the goal!

Fantastic choice for a high intensity sporting activity.



SEP: TCHO1812007

Forget all you’ve known about ball games because this Swedish game is a game like no other.

Tchoukball is played on a  court with trampoline frames and a ball. Teams score when they throw the ball on the frame and bounce it outside of a “forbidden” zone. If an opponent manages to catch the ball before it touches the floor, the point is not awarded, so make sure to dive to save those points!

Terrific for building dexterity and making fast decisions.

National Neuroscience Institute SPORTS DAY


Heave ho! This evergreen game has been around since the Tang Dynasty. Try your hand at it and prove you are the strongest!

Tug Of War is played with a rope, where players from two teams pull on opposing ends of the rope.  Teams score when they successfully work together to pull the opponent’s team a certain distance against their force. Start hitting the gym now to make sure you excel at this game!

Most reccomended for building strength and teamwork.


ultimate frisbee

SEP: ULTI2003002

Captains ball just got even more interesting! Instead of a ball, a frisbee is used, and instead of a stationary captain, anyone can run into the end zone to score!

Ultimate Frisbee is played with a frisbee in a court or demarcated area. Teams score when an individual successfully passes the frisbee to a team mate who has to be in a demarcated area known as the end zone. So fly just like the frisbee and you might just end up winning.

Perfect to nurture team building and quick decision making.

National Neuroscience Institute SPORTS DAY


SEP: ARCH1908003

Channel your inner Robin Hood and show everyone what a marksman you are!

Archery tag is a combination between dodgeball, paintball, and archery. Players are to shoot at each other with foam tipped arrows. A player is eliminated once they are hit, and the team that eliminates the other team or shoots down five targets is the winner. Caution: this game is highly addictive!

A great choice for building dexterity and making fast decisions.



SEP: INTR1806045

Think giant bubbles and Soccer and you get this eccentric game that has taken the world by storm.

Bubble Soccer has similar rules to soccer except that players are wearing an inflated bubble around themselves. Teams score when they successfully kick the ball into the goal. The  team with the most goals after the match is declared the winner, but be warned, kicking a ball is hard when you ARE a ball.

Remarkable for building team work and communication.



SEP: KINB2003001

Ever played a game where the ball is bigger than you? Kin-ball is an experience like no other.

Kinball is played with a huge ball on a court with a total of three teams. The team with the ball is the attacker, and to score they must hit the ball into the opponents area without them being able to catch it. The team with the lowest points is eliminated first, so make sure your team is in the lead at all times!

Outstanding for nurturing team work and inclusivity.



SEP: WATE1812005

Now this is what we call making a splash – Soccer has never been this exciting! Water soccer  is very similar to soccer, except that the court is inflatable and is filled up with water that is ankle deep. Teams score by successfully kicking the ball into the goal of their opponents, so splash your way to victory! Students choice for building team work and coordination.


SEP: HUMA1812007

Just like how Tennis is the large version of Table Tennis, Human Foosball is the large version of Foosball! Human Foosball is very similar to its table-top counterpart. Players have restricted movements and are secured to a rope on an inflatable court. They score by successfully kicking the ball into their opponents goal.  Effective for building team work and communication.
Tag Rugby

tag rugby

SEP: TAGR2109001

Enjoy a team game of non-contact rugby.

Tag rugby is a safe sport for all ages to enjoy. The objective is to eliminate the opposing team by pulling off their velcro tags.

Tag Rugby is a game of perseverance and most importantly teamwork!

2023-01-09 14.53.41


SEP: GOAL2212001

Goalball is a team sport designed specifically for athletes with a vision impairment. For this sport, able-bodied participants are blindfolded. 

Participants compete in teams of five, and try to throw or roll a ball that has bells embedded inside of it into the opponents’ goal. Using ear-hand coordination, participants try to score goals by throwing it into a net behind their opponents. 

Sitting Volleyball


Sitting volleyball is a form of volleyball for athletes with a disability. Unlike standing volleyball, sitting volleyball players must have at least one buttock in contact with the floor during the game.

This game is very versatile and can be played both indoors and outdoors!

Team Building Build em' Up

build em up

Build em’ Up is a perfect activity for team bonding. In groups of 5, participants must attempt to carefully stack blocks on top of one another using just a pair of strings. 

This game requires patience, teamwork and coordination.  

Water Soccer SEP Sport Singaproe


A Telematch is a race where students will compete in different challenges in a time-trial format. This is perfect for schools looking for a rich variety of activities for their students to take part in.

As teachers, choose what activities you want in your course. We got Archery, Tyre Hop, Stack em’ and many more! Enquire now for the full list of activities.

Small groups of students will complete the course at staggered intervals, no interaction of groups required! Equipment will be sanitized in between rounds as well.



Ever wanted to play paintball but was put off by the pain? Great news, Speed Tag is the game for you.

Speed tag is very similar to paintball, but players are using nerf guns instead. Teams score by shooting to eliminate players and capturing the flag at their opponents base. So hide, slide, and shoot to win!

A fantastic option for building dexterity and strategic planning.

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Outdoor Adventure/ Orienteering

Equip yourselves with some outdoor skills and learn how to conquer challenges together as a team in the outdoors!

With a map and a compass, students will be tasked to orientate their way to different checkpoints and complete tasks within a limited time. 

Students can also look forward to whipping up some outdoor meals with the help of our friendly instructors.