Wary of trying out ball sports because of the fear of contact and injury? Fret no more!


EduSportsingapore introduces to you the novel game of Tchoukball. The game is a 100 percent non-contact sport but it is sure to get your hearts pumping. Our certified instructors will conduct a short introductory workshop for all participants.


Then, off you go to smash the ball for the glory of your team!


Tchoukball is a Swiss game invented by the Swiss biologist Dr. Hermann
Brandt in 1970.


Tchoukball has a unique Charter which underpins the ‘Spirit of the Game’
so elusive in modern sport. Fair play and respect for the opposition is a
fundamental part of the way in which tchoukball is played.


All physical contact between players and interceptions are banned,
enabling all players of differing ages, gender, shapes and sizes to play

About Tchoukball

EdusportSingapore provides exciting and informative workshop under the Sport Education Programme.


Activities are suitable for participants of ages 8 to 50 years old. The workshop
aims to engage both students and working adults.


All our coaches possess the ā€œCā€ License under Tchoukball Association of
Singapore (TBAS) and valid First Aid & CPR & AED certification.

Program IDProgram NameProgram Category
TCHO1812007Tchoukball IntroductionSports Play


What do you think about the activity?


Tchoukball is so much fun! It is confusing at first since there is no contact and interception but the students managed to master the game.

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The instructors were great. They were skillful in managing the students and delivering the lesson objectives! Great job!

Teacher in Charge

(Participant in Maha Bodhi School Sports Leaders Workshop)


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