SGUnited Health Jigsaw

Due to COVID-19, fitness and sporting events that involve mass participation have been either entirely stopped, or heavily regulated by safety measures. As a result, virtual activities and hybrid events have started becoming more popular, and the “Blended” initiative was released under the latest Sports Resilience Package Singapore has announced.

The “Blended” initiative is the government’s way to roll out the latest Sports Resilience Package Singapore has to offer. This initiative is worth S$50 million and S$5 million has been set aside for event organisers to engage Singaporeans in a hybrid event format that involves both physical and virtual activity. 

EduSportSingapore was one of the few organizations chosen across the country to create and run this hybrid activity, and the SGUnited Health Jigsaw is EduSportSingapore’s original project for Sport Singapore’s “Blended” initiative. 

The SGUnited Health Jigsaw aims to encourage the community to connect and exercise together while adhering to social distancing protocols. This programme allows families and friends to complete various physical challenges together from the comfort of their homes and the outdoors. We hope to foster bonds and build the SGUnited spirit through this programme, especially during this difficult time.

Participants will have to film their team completing these challenges.

This programme will also be run in schools across the nation.

We hope to empower the community to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

How It Works

The SGUnited Health Jigsaw consists of 4 puzzle pieces, and the objective of the activity is to collect all 4 of them. Each unique puzzle piece can be collected when activities are completed in the following categories:

  • Stay Appreciative @ Home
  • Stay Safe @ Home
  • Stay Active @ The Park
  • Stay United @ The Park
Check out the following videos for an example of the activities within each category!

Stay Appreciative @ Home

Stay Safe @ Home

Stay Active @ The Park

Stay United @ The Park

When participating, students will be broken into teams of 5 by teachers, and they are required to say the Health pledge before they commence the challenge.

To complete the activities, students will have to attempt a series of challenges and record their attempts on video. While filming these videos, the teams can choose to place the camera on the side, or choose one member to film. The same member cannot film more than once.

Once an activity is complete, the students will get a puzzle piece. Once all puzzle pieces are collected, the SGUnited Health Jigsaw will be complete and the students would have won the activity.

EduSportSingapore reserves the rights to use the videos for promotional material, no other private information will be shared

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