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Safe Sports programmes for Primary School Students

Safety of our clients is our utmost priority. As such, we have curated a list of activities most suited for Primary School students to participate in – Keeping both safety and enjoyment in mind! 

Archery Shooting

Archery shooting, is our covid-safe variation of Archery Tag. This fun activity engages student’s alertness and accuracy level. Instructors will guide the students on proper archery holding methods, stance and shooting techniques. Students can then practice by shooting at the target boards. 

Special foam-tipped arrows used are 100% safe & painless, ensuring the safety of the students.


The telematch is formed from a bunch of obstacles thoughtfully laid out. The race includes stations of various levels of difficulty and timed challenges. Teams have to work together to cross the finish line as one. 

Activities can either be developed to better suit the school’s values and objectives or chosen from our standardised list shown below.  

Activity options for telematch:

  •  Tyre Jungle
  • Slippery Transport
  • Ready, Aim, Fire
  • Stack em’
  • Music Whackers
  • Shape Shifter
  • Build em’ Up
  • Fire Ball
  • Lava Floor

(There are more activities available, enquire with us to find out more!)

Bubble Ball Relay x Blindfolded Connect 4

Part 1: Bubble Ball Relay 

Firstly, team members will pass the bubble ball in a relay. 

Students will be adjusted to the weight and feel of the ball before proceeding to the second part of the activity.


Part 2: Blindfolded Connect 4

Secondly, each member will take turns to be blind-folded. The rest of the members will then guide their blind-folded team mate through the Connect Four – accurately directing him/her to the hoolah hoop. Once they have reached, they will drop the ball into the hoop. 

All four members will take turns being blind folded and the first team to successfully Connect Four wins! 

Safety Measures at EduSportSingapore

All activities mentioned above are adjusted to ensure safety distancing measures are followed. These activities are designed to give students to the same level of excitement, team bonding, and fun despite the rules and regulations. 

If common equipment is  shared, students will be provided gloves to reduce contact points. To find out more, check out our safety measures!

Contact us for more details! 

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