Sports Event Management in Singapore

At EduSport, we provide the best sports event management Singapore has to offer. Our  services include management for both schools and corporate organisations. On top of having professionally certified MOE game instructors and coaches, our activities are designed to give you peace of mind so that you can focus on the activities and let us worry about safety and other administrative matters.

Over the last few years, EduSport has run over 600 successful sporting events all over Singapore, and we are well known for our sports event management capabilities.

We provide a wide range of sports activities that include virtual activities, activities that promote fitness, and team games. We also organise sports events for schools and corporate organisations, and our most popular events that are suitable for all ages!

every SPORTS event PACKAGE WILL INCLUDE the following services:

Event Organization & Management

First-Aid Certified Trainers & Facilitators

First-Aid Kit

Equipments & Materials

Basic Event Photography


Another reason for why we are the best sports event management Singapore has to offer is because safety is our number one priority in all of our activities. So far, we have a perfect safety record for all our activities organised! All of our trainers and instructors are expertly trained in First Aid, CPR and AED usage. We are prepared for any kind of scenario that could happen on and off the court. We will do everything in our ability to prevent accidents from happening, so worry not and play hard!