Sports Event Management in Singapore

At EduSportSingapore, we provide the best sports event management Singapore has to offer. Our  services include management for both schools and corporate organisations. On top of having professionally certified MOE game instructors and coaches, our activities are designed to give you peace of mind so that you can focus on the activities and let us worry about safety and other administrative matters.

Over the last few years, EduSportSingapore has run over 500 successful sporting events all over Singapore, and we are well known for our sports event management capabilities.

We provide a wide range of sports activities that include virtual activities, activities that promote fitness, and team games. We also organise sports events for schools and corporate organisations, and our most popular events that are suitable for all ages!

every SPORTS event PACKAGE WILL INCLUDE the following services:

Event Organization & Management

First-Aid Certified Trainers & Facilitators

First-Aid Kit

Equipments & Materials

Basic Event Photography

Pre-Event E-Poster

(Select From 3 Designs)


Another reason for why we are the best sports event management Singapore has to offer is because safety is our number one priority in all of our activities. So far, we have a perfect safety record for all our activities organised! All of our trainers and instructors are expertly trained in First Aid, CPR and AED usage. We are prepared for any kind of scenario that could happen on and off the court. We will do everything in our ability to prevent accidents from happening, so worry not and play hard!

Edusportsingapore safety management measures

For any sports events organised, it is important to have a set of safety protocols and measurements in place. At EduSportSingapore, we bring our years of experience to the table to ensure a safe and fun environment. 

On top of our own proprietary anti-covid measures to give teachers and organizations the peace of mind to engage us to conduct activities, we also adhere strictly to the following safety management measures:

[Updated on 08/11/2021, accordingly to latest Safe Management Measures for Sport and Physical Exercise & Activity by Sport Singapore]


    • Safety Management Officer – A staff will be appointed to handle all queries regarding safety measures/compliances related to Covid-19 Control Order

Contact details of Safety Management Officer:

Contact number: +65 6591 7887

    • Safety Checklist – The checklist will include: Venue, Safe distancing and Personal hygiene. All instructors will be required to submit the Safety Checklist after completion of each  programme/event. 


    • Venue – The venue should be large enough to accommodate physical movements of the activities 
    • Venue should be able to allow different groups to be spaced at least 3-metres apart (allocating 10Sqpm per person)
    • Venue should also allow participants to be spaced at least 2-metres apart from one another to prevent participants from knocking others or obstacles around them and injuring themselves 
    • Ventilation – For indoor activities, the location(s) should be well-ventilated (i.e Participants should be able to breathe smoothly during physical activities)
    • SafeEntry – For all activities outside of their own household, participants will need to check-in/out via TraceTogether. Instructors will record their programme/event venue on the safety checklist for contact-tracing purposes 

Safe Distancing

    • Group activities are limited to no more than 2 participants
    • Physical distancing – All participants will be at least 2-metres (2 arm’s length) away from one another during the activities for general activities and 3-metres (3 arm’s length) apart for high intensity activities. All groups will be spaced at least 3-metres apart from each other
    • Contact sports – There should be no physical contact required during the activities 
    • Contact sports and other sports that may involve close bodily proximity (e.g. badminton doubles) – For activities that require close body proximity, rules should be modified to avoid extensive body contact
    • Crowd Control – All groups are to operate independently and there will be no inter-group mixing (this includes rest areas, toilets and changing rooms)

Personal Hygiene

    • Masks – Masks should be worn as a default. For Strenous Outdoor Activities, masks may be taken off during the activity, and must be put on immediately after the completion of the high intensity sport/pysical activities. For Indoor Activities, only fully vaccinated individuals may remove their masks when performing strenous activity. (Un-vaccinated individuals must keep their masks on)
    • Participants will be reminded to maintain clean hygiene before and after all activities. (Participants will be required to wash and sanitise their hands before and after all activities)
    • Implement Temperature Screening – All participants must conduct temperature screening before and after the activities (Participants will be required to record their temperature. In the event where any participant(s) records a temperature of above 37.5 degree Celsius, they are to stop all activities and seek medical attention) (*This is subjected to school/organisation’s protocol)
    • COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test (ART) / Fast and Easy Testing (FET) – Following the current SMMs (from 13th September 2021) all instructors and staff engaging in an activity would be required for mandatory ART prior to the event/activities to ensure a safe environment for all. At EduSportSingapore, all our staff and instructors are constantly adhereing to self-testing once every seven days – Clients may seek for our FET results, which we will provide via the HealthHub application
    • Equipment – There should be minimal sharing of equipment. In the event where equipment sharing is required, participants will be provided plastic gloves and be required to wipe down the equipment and sanitise their hands after each use, before passing it on to another user
    • Health – Participants who feel unwell or uncomfortable at any time during an activity, they are to stop the activity and seek medical attention

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