The Hassle-Free Sports Event Guidebook

If you happen to be a Singapore teacher that has been tasked to organise your school’s next sports event or activity, you will want to read this guidebook. It contains valuable tips on how you can make your next event planning session slightly more enjoyable by greatly reducing your stress.
The Hassle-free Sports Event Guidebook” was written for teachers by teachers. 
Singapore Teacher Sports Even Guidebook
As ex-MOE Singapore teachers with 12 years of combined experience, we have been the Teacher-In-Charge (TIC) for numerous level-wide and school-wide programmes. These programmes include Level Camps, Sports Day, Cross Country Runs and Leadership Workshops.
We know how tedious and exhausting it is for TICs to organize school activities. Apart from the never ending stream of papers to mark, to the long working hours, being a teacher in charge is absolutely not a walk in the park! 

This is why we wanted to share our experience in organizing sports events as a Singapore teacher to ensure you can save time, effort and hassle when organizing such events  in future.

Planning an event is never easy, but we believe our Hassle-free Sports Event Guidebook fixes that.


In “The Hassle-free Sports Event Guidebook“, we share practical pointers to make your next event successful and fuss-free.
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Contents of Singapore Teacher Sports Event Guidebook

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