SGUnited Health Jigsaw

SGUnited Health Jigsaw - Trailer

The SGUnited Health Jigsaw aims to encourage the community to connect and exercise together while adhering to social distancing protocols.

We hope to foster bonds and build the SGUnited spirit through this programme, especially during this difficult time.

This programme allows families and friends to complete various physical challenges together from the comfort of their homes and the outdoors.

Participants will have to film their team completing these challenges.

This programme will also be run in schools across the nation.

We hope to empower the community to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

About Blended

SportSG’s new initiative of ‘Blended’ is birthed in the challenging times where the black swan of COVID-19 has brought about major disruptions to our sports industry.


‘Blended’ is essentially about re-imagining the future of sports events, of re-imagining the physical and virtual worlds merging seamlessly together.


‘Blended’ calls for courage in embracing new mindsets, growing new core capabilities and creating new business models.


‘Blended’ demands the acceleration in driving innovations and adopting technology to transform the larger industry.


Most of all, ‘Blended’ rallies the spirit of collaboration and coming together as a community.


SportSG invites you to join us in the re-setting, re-imagining and re-inventing the future of sports events.

How to play

Solve the SGUnited Health Jigsaw by completing 1 challenge in each of the 4 categories. The 4 categories are



  • Stay Appreciative @ Home
  • Stay Safe @ Home
  • Stay Active @ The Park
  • Stay United @ The Park


Each puzzle piece has 3 challenges to choose from


Choose only 1 challenge within each puzzle piece to collect the puzzle piece


Teams of 5 will be assigned by teachers


Students are required to say the Health pledge before they commence the challenge


Students will have to complete a series of challenges and video themselves during the challenges in teams of 5


During filming, the teams can choose to place the camera on the side or choose one member to film. The same member cannot film more than once


Sport Singapore reserves the rights to use the videos for promotional material, no other private information will be shared

Example Challenge - Cardio Boxing Challenge (Stay Active @ ThePark)

Give it a left, give it a right! Take part in the Cardio boxing challenge





Follow the video demonstration of a simple Cardio-Boxing routine, you won’t be disappointed!

Learn the moves and film your team completing the video demonstration

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