Our Values

  • Safety is our number one priority in all of our activities. We have had a perfect safety record for all our activities organised thus far!

  • All of our trainers and instructors are expertly trained in First Aid, CPR and AED usage. We are prepared for any kind of scenario that could happen on and off the court.

  • We will do everything in our ability to prevent accidents from happening, so worry not and play hard!

Our Safety Alliance

Edusportsingapore Safety Management Measures


  • Safety Management Officer- A staff will be appointed to handle all queries regarding safety measures/compliances related to Covid-19 Control Order

Contact details of Safety Management Officer:

Name: Chong Rei Yin


Contact number: 65917887

  • Safety Checklist- Participants will need to complete a safety checklist for each activity. The checklist will include: Venue, Safe distancing, Personal hygiene. All instructors will be required to submit the Safety Checklist after completion of the programme.


  • Venue should be large enough to accommodate physical movements of the activities (Venue should allow participants to be spaced at least 2m apart from one another, this will prevent participants from knocking others or obstacles around them and injuring themselves)
  • Ventilation- For indoor activities, participants will be reminded to ensure the location(s) is well-ventilated (Environment should be well-ventilated i.e Participants should be able to breathe smoothly during physical activities)
  • SafeEntry- For outdoor activities (venues outside of you own household), participants will need to check-in/out via SafeEntry. For these activities, instructors have to record their venue on the safety checklist for contact-tracing purposes

Safe distancing

  • Group activities are limited to no more than 5 participants
  • Physical distancing- All participants will be at least 2m (2 arm’s length) away from one another during the activities
  • Contact sports- There should be no physical contact will be required during the activities
  • Contact sports and other sports that may involve close bodily proximity (e.g. badminton doubles)- For activities that require close body proximity, rules should be modified to avoid extensive body contact
  • Crowd Control- All groups are to operate independently and there will be no inter-group mixing

Personal Hygiene

  • Mask should be worn as a default- For indoor activities, there will be no requirement for participants to wear a mask
  • All participants will be required to wear a mask during outdoor activities. They will also be reminded to maintain clean hygiene before and after all activities. (Participants will be required to wash their hands before and after all activities)
  • Implement Temperature Screening- All participants must conduct temperature screening before and after the activities (Participants will be required to record their temperature. In the event where any participant(s) records a temperature of above 37.5 degree Celsius, they are to stop all activities and seek medical attention) (*This is subjected to school/organisation’s protocol)
  • There should be minimal sharing of equipment. (In the event where equipment sharing is required, participants will be required to wipe down the equipment and sanitise their hands after use)
  • Participants who feel unwell or uncomfortable at any time during an activity, they are to stop the activity and seek medical attention
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