Online Team Building

Are you missing our classic team building events? Looking for something fun to do while staying at home? Well look no further, we got you covered with our new online team building programmes!

Our new online team building programmes bring the same fun and energy as our regular events. You will enjoy an exciting experience from the comfort of your home! Our trained facilitators will conduct the activities over video conferencing. These facilitators will lead your group in a variety of fun games that will leave you wanting more.

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves as the leading sports events company in Singapore and having organised over 300 events, we are well-versed and experienced in engaging you through our gamesHence, we are confident we can provide you a fun and enriching online experience, which is exactly what you are looking for!
  • Affordable Prices

    We offer our services at an affordable price! Don’t be shy, enquire us today! 

  • Exprienced and Professional Facilitators

    All our facilitators are MOE IRS registered and are very experienced in conducting events! Leave the work to us, while you enjoy your experience!  

  • A Variety of Fun and Creative Games

    All our games are selected after rounds of playing and we guarantee you they are addictive and fun! (P.S: don’t blame us if you get addicted to them!)  


Choose from two great programmes: Work Together, Play Together and Tournament Arc

Play Together, Win Together

Work together as a team to complete challenges, everyone wins together in this one!

Tournament Arc!

Tournament Arc! Challenge each other in some friendly competition while getting to know each other better.


Here are two example games you will play when taking part in one of our online team building programmes:

Lighting Scavenger Hunt

Our Facilitator will ask you to find items in your home that match the description given. You have to be quick in this one!

Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge

In this challenge, check off three mini missions in a row to win! The mini missions include your team executing various yoga poses, strutting down the living room while living your supermodel dreams and even performing a simple folk dance routine together! Use your brains and brawn and work together to conquer this challenge. You will need teamwork, leadership, and resilience to get three in a row!


Before we start playing the games, here’re some things that you will need for a complete experience
  • Computer/ Laptop

  • Smartphone/Tablet

  • Internet Connection

To start a session, we require a minimal of 20 paxSo grab your peers and teammates to join you in our games!

What Your Team Will Achieve


Effective Communication

Encouraging Others

Taking Advantage of Multiple Strengths and weaknesses


Visionary Leader

Influential Leader

Taking Initiative






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