You are currently viewing New SEP Programmes for schools!

New SEP Programmes for schools!

New SEP Activities to choose from - Self Defence

What is SEP?

The Sports Education Programme (SEP) is a collaborative partnership between Sports Singapore (SportsSG) and the Ministry of Education. Under SEP, each school is provided with a S$10,000 dollar-to-dollar matching grant for them to take up sports programmes from an endorsed SEP list

Self-Defence (SEP Programme)

"Get Fit"
Martial Arts Training with TATA

Admiring the works of Bruce Lee? Well now you can train like he does! 

EduSportSingapore incorporates martial arts & karate into a self-defence programme for you! This is a great physical exercise that embodies the spirit of discipline while actively engaging the entire body. With certified instructors, you can learn the proper stance and fundamentals of self-defence. 

Self Defence / Martial Arts SEP



Benefits of Martial Arts & Karate 

1. Increased Confidence

Practicing, improving and succeeding in the skills taught improves self-image and gives participants confidence  that they can succeed in areas and ventures. Studies have even shown that children who participate in martial arts show improved confidence and better performance in school!

2. Full  Body Workout

Martial Arts is a full body workout that involves many muscular actions. Over time, you will eventually improve your body’s pressure response, increase overall mobility and ultimately build strength. 

3. Develop Self Discipline

Before the start of each session, individuals will set goals for themselves. Because martial arts will push our limits as humans, individuals can also discover a great deal about themselves during sessions. This eventually promotes self-reliance and independence. 

Virtual SEP Programmes Available too!

Worried that activities cannot be held physically? Don’t worry – Virtual Self-Defence programmes are also available. We have been conducting virtual lessons for both corporate organisations and schools, and we can assure you that virtual programmes will be equally as engaging!

Self Defence / Martial Arts SEP

EduSportSingapore is the leading sports and team building events company in Singapore. Safety for the students is our upmost priority. We take pride in creating a safe environment for students to take part in our MOE certified activities, even during COVID-19. On top of abiding with safe management measures, our own proprietary anti-covid measures give teachers the peace of mind to engage us to conduct activities for their students. 

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