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Learn About Kin-Ball, the Most Popular Sports Game for Schools in 2021

Many different sports have originated over the years, and most of them involve a ball when played. One of such said sports is Kin-Ball. Kin-Ball is a team sport created in Quebec, Canada, in 1986 by a physical education professor. The most distinguishing characteristic of this game is its oversized ball that is 1.2 meters or 48 inches in diameter, and is played by three teams simultaneously, and is not a one-vs-one game like most popular ball games.

After it originated in 1986, it amassed popularity, and the International Kin-Ball Federation was formed, having approximately 4 million participants. The game was popularized in several countries, including Canada, the United States, Japan, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Malaysia, and China. The newest member of the International Kin-ball Federation is the United Kingdom who joined in 2018 as Kin-Ball UK.

The Game

This activity is played with a ball that is 4 feet in diameter and weighs a kilogram. The court size is 20×20 meters, including all court line measurements. The fascinating part of the game is the participation of three teams simultaneously with four players each. The official colors of Kin-Ball teams are Black, grey, and blue. Occasionally, pink is used instead of blue.

The game consists of an attacking team and the other two teams that defend. The attacking team decides which team to attack and calls out their color.

One member of the attacking team hits the ball with any body part from above the waist while the other team members hold the ball in place. The defending team has to control the ball successfully, and if they do, they become the attacking team, and it is their turn to choose and attack any group they want.

The game is usually played until one team has won three periods. Each period takes ten minutes to play and requires 11 points to win. The team with the fewest points leaves the court, and the game resumes and is played till one of the remaining teams reach 13 points.

Reasons Why Kin-Ball is Popular in School

Since its introduction to schools, Kin-Ball has been popular and here’s why:

Kin-Ball nurtures Teamwork

Kin-Ball needs four members of each team to work in perfect sync to control or hit the ball successfully. This strongly encourages the idea of teamwork and helping your fellow teammates to reach a common goal. Understanding teamwork is an excellent aspect that is indispensable during work when one grows up and developing such skills at a young age ensures a slightly easier path for all students.

It is Easy-To-Play

This game has minimal equipment requirements and has simple rules which makes it easy to understand and play. Similar to dodgeball, Kin-ball has been popular in schools for providing large amounts of physical exercise while having easy guidelines.

It Allows for Large Activity

Kin-ball involves three teams of four players each, so it incorporates 12 members in a small court area at the same time. It is an extensive activity and due to its popularity, has a large fan following and community.

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