Human Foosball

Why You Should Play Human Foosball

GET OUT OF SCHOOL/WORK! – Need a reason to get out of the school or the office? Human Foosball is the answer! Play life-sized foosball with your friends and colleagues instead of a table!


SOMETHING NEW! – Not many people have tried this version of foosball, why not be one of the first to try!


GREAT TEAM-BONDING ACTIVITY – Bubble bump is more about team-work and coordination than individual skills, so you definitely need to work with your teammates to win at this game!

Human Foosball

Human Foosball is like the classic table top Foosball. Using a lifestyle ‘Foosball table’, you will have an opportunity to play football with your friends. A fun and interactive game which leave you laughing while trying to change your position with the aid of your teammates. With the inflatable ‘foosball table’, you will bounce your way to victory!


Fun way to play foosball outside instead of indoors!

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