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How Your School Can Benefit from the Sports Education Program in Singapore

What is The Sports Education Programme?

The SEP or Sports Education Programme is a collaborative partnership between the Ministry of Education and Sport Singapore. There are various primary, secondary, centralized institutions, and junior colleges eligible for the SEP. Under the Sports Education Programme, Singapore schools are provided with $10,000 to initiate sports programs from an endorsed list of approved activities.

The Sports Education Programme advocates the importance of sports education by increasing the awareness of sports activities. It encourages organisations to conduct sports programs by utilising a structured and integrated approach. These sporting events are assessed by an expert panel that consists of Sport Singapore, MOE (Ministry of Education), sports educators, and practitioners to endorse an increase in sporting activity under the supervision of SEP.

The main goal of the SEP is to encourage the development of skills, spread sports knowledge and promote students’ active participation in sports. Secondly, this initiative strives to build team spirit and solidarity among the children. Lastly, it aims to take care of their mental health and physical activity needs.

SEP Endorsed Sports Events are Classified into Four Distinctive Categories:

Exposure: It involves one-off events and aims to introduce a sporting lifestyle among the masses.

Play: These are structured and regularized instructional courses that facilitate learning sports skills at the beginner level.

Development: This is a structured instructional course to learn sports skills at a more advanced level.

Leagues: It comprises of intra-school competitions that continue over a prolonged period of time.

How Can Students and Institutions Benefit From the Sports Education Programme in Singapore?

Sports have always been an imperative part of a student’s life. It encourages students to be physically fit, and also inculcates strong mental health in them. While most schools are more interested in subject enrichment activities, the SEP typically focuses on physical activity,  and the students’ active participation in these events. In addition to that, monetary support is also provided to take up sporting challenges with MOE certified sports instructors and coaches.

To summarise, here are some key points about the Sports Education Programme in Singapore:

    • It brings benefits beyond just physical strength – team sporting activities develops leadership skills, instills patience, discipline, and perseverance among the students.
    • The entire programme is set up with the children’s welfare, mental and physical health improvement kept in mind.
    • Sport Singapore encourages SEP-affiliated institutions to arrange these sports events and prepares them with the necessary sports equipment.
    • SEP’s vision is to make the children physically fit, mentally strong and encourage them to stay activated and participate in these programs.
    • Each school is provided with a $10,000 matching grant to organise sports programmes.


Schools should take part in this revolutionary sports program to enjoy its benefits. It is essential to developing sports enthusiasm among the students and prepare them to take up challenges. Therefore, organising a sports event under the SEP with a professional sports event company will both be cost-effective, and will encourage your students to stay healthy and active at the same time.

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