How Does Sports Help Corporate Cohesion?

Ever cringed at the thought of being involved in a team building activity at your workplace? Team building activities commonly involve group discussions to solve work-related scenarios. Although such discussions aim to encourage team work and communication among colleagues, the outcome and take away from those activities may not be as impactful as some may feel it is contrived and somewhat superficial.

One of the best ways to build corporate cohesion is actually made up of two methods. First, get out of the office! Secondly, indulge in sports. A bonus would be to try a sport that is unique to all. Soccer may be a common game, and everyone knows how to play. Up the ante by trying out Water Soccer with your colleagues. With the water making it harder for players to move, communicating with each other on the strategies on game play makes for better team cohesion.

Trying out a sport that is totally new like Bubble Bump will excite anyone! Think of Bubble Bump as Bumper Cars but bouncier, safer, with a mission to accomplish. Playing this game in a bubble suit hinders the players’ view and movements as well. Rising above these limitations to achieve the mission as a team encourages strategising play through communication and trust.

Being out of the office and playing exhilarating sports like Water Soccer and Bubble Bump, relieves the pressures of the workplace and let the team be themselves. With this pressure lifted, employees are free to think out of the box to exercise strategy planning and team work. Communication through play also encourages trust among team members, towards building a cohesive team. A cohesive team not only motivates employees to perform better but can also build long-lasting friendships among them outside of work.

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