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Safety is our Number 1 Priority!

At EduSportSingapore, safety for the students is always our utmost priority. We take pride in creating a safe environment for students to take part in our MOE certified activities, even during COVID-19. On top of abiding with safe management measures, our own proprietary anti-covid measures give teachers the peace of mind to engage us to conduct sports programmes for their students.

Continue reading to find out more about the measures put in place.  

Safe Distancing between participants
Students playing Archery Shooting with safe distancing in place.

How do we ensure Safety for everyone?

1. Standard First Aid Certified Trainers: 

Firstly, all our trainers are first aid certified. Whenever necessary, they will be able to attend to all the students’ needs promptly and effectively.

2. MOE Registered Trainers

Secondly, our trainers are MOE Registered and uphold high standards of safety during the activities. Thus, you can be assured that our activities will be run with the highest quality. 

3. Safe Distancing

Thirdly, our group activities comply with regulations by MOH. Our trainers also enforce safe distancing throughout the activities.   

4. Crowd Control

Fourthly, all groups operate independently. Hence, there is no intermingling between groups. 

5. Personal Hygiene

Fifthly, there is minimal sharing of equipment. However, in the event where sharing is required, participants are expected to do a full wipe down of the equipment and sanitise their hands after use.

6. Mandatory FET Regime

Lastly, following the new directives by MOH, the fast and easy tests (FET) regime will be made mandatory for all workers who work in higher-risk settings where there are unmasked clients. From mid-july onwards, all our certified trainers will be tested for Covid-19 once every 14 days. Thus, it further minimises the risk of transmission in these settings.

Covid FET Tests
Mandatory Covid Tests taken every 14 days.

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In conclusion, you can worry less with our safe management measures! For a more detailed description of the measures for each activity, don’t hesitate contacting us here!

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