Bubble Bump

Why You Should Play Bubble Bump

SAFE AND FUN! – Which other sport allows you to bump your opponents off their feet while staying safe and foul-free?  The bubble suit adds a new element to the game to protect you from the rough-and-tumble!


YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PRO! – No a pro in sports? Not to worry! You do not need skills and experience to enjoy bubble bump! Anyone can just pick up a bubble suit and bump around!


GREAT TEAM-BONDING ACTIVITY – Bubble bump is more about team-work and coordination than individual skills, so you definitely need to work with your teammates to win at this game!

Bubble Bump

Ever wondered what it is like if humans were bumper cars? Now’s your chance in this new and exciting sport where you can just simply bump around.


In EduSportSingapore’s Bubble Bump Challenge, bumping around has never been more fun! Our games available include Conquer The BaseBubble SoccerLast Man StandingProtect the King! AND MANY MORE!


Participants will be split into teams of 5 and put on human bubble suits to compete in a series of games shaped around teamwork, determination & resilience.


These games are suitable for one and all, from ages 10 to 40!

Conquer The Base

Conquer The Base is an exciting and adrenaline filled game which tests the skills of every player on the court. The player must work together in teams to bump their opponents out of the way and reach the opposing team’s home ground. The first team who accomplishes this will score a point for their team.


This game involves teamwork and coordination among the members, so communication is the key to victory! As players work together, they will be able to bond together through facing a common enemy and having a common goal. They will also learn the importance of strategic planning as well as how to improvise and react to difficult situations on the fly.

Protect the King

In each group of five participants, a king will be appointed and marked with a tape on their bubble. The objective of the game is to ensure that the king of the team reached the TRY area before the other team’s king does. Members will bump away opponents to protect their own king. The game encourages participants to fully grasp the meaning of “Together Everyone Achieves More!”

Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is a brand new and exhilarating way of enjoying everyone’s favorite sport. Players wear a bubble suit while playing a familiar game of soccer which protects them from injury. This allows players to come up with innovative ways on how to achieve victory using their new tools and equipment while maintaining a safe environment for all. Teamwork will be emphasized in this game, promoting communication and coordination between members as it is essential in seizing victory for their team.


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We saw this activity on the TV and we were excited to try it out. It didn’t disappoint us! We had a lot of fun bumping our friends around!

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Friendly instructors! Safe activity! Our school should definitely try their activities again!

Seondary 3 student

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