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Best Sports Activities for Primary School Events

A primary school is a place for students to learn and grow. When organizing primary school events, teachers should keep in mind that the activity should be an opportunity to evoke both their mental and physical capabilities. Sports is one of the best ways to put children on the field, and organizing sporting activities is the easiest way to teach students the importance of teamwork and hard work.

Here are some of the best sports activities for primary school events:


Basketball is played with five players in two teams. It is played in four quarters of 10 minutes each, with breaks of 5 minutes long. Each team has to get a hold of the ball, pass it, and put it through a hoop to score. The team with the highest score wins. There are different types of throws or shots and several court line scores that incorporate different points into the game, like 3-pointer shots for example.

Basketball is a game of teamwork and exercise. It is the perfect sport for primary schools if played with safe equipment and proper organization with foam balls and low hoops. The aim of such games is for students to learn the need to exercise and stay fit while understanding social values like teamwork.


Cricket is played with a team of 11 members each. There are 13 players in the field, with two batsmen from a group and 11 members of the other. The teams take turns to make a score, and the team with the highest score wins. The teams are scored based on the number of times they have hit the ball beyond the boundary line from the center of the field.

Cricket is a simple game at a glance, but it actually requires several analytical and physical skills to play and win. Additionally, an extensive amount of teamwork and understanding is involved. It is a popular game for primary school students as a fun activity if played with safe sports gear and is a great way to stimulate both the mental and physical abilities of a student in a positive manner.


Kin-ball is an exciting game that originated in Canada. It is played with an oversized ball of a 4-feet diameter that weighs a kilogram. The game consists of three teams simultaneously trying to score points with the ball, till they hit 11 points. The team with the lowest score is eliminated and the game continues with the two remaining teams till one of them reaches 13 points to be crowned the winner.

Kin-ball is a great game that incorporates several teamwork and exercise skills and helps students to develop them properly. Moreover, Kin-Ball is played in a 66×66 feet court, which is quite a limited amount of space for 12 people to move around, enabling students to develop good reflexes while they spend time playing the game.

Sporting activities have several benefits for primary school students. It helps them hone their senses and provides them with an opportunity to develop their skills while enjoying an activity. Introducing exciting sports activities as primary school events is one of the best ways to ensure that students benefit physically and socially from school.

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