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Benefits of “Get Fit” Programmes

Physical Activity Levels of Singaporeans

With increasing technological advancements, physical activity levels seem to be dipping. More and more individuals find themselves prone to spending their time on their digital devices instead of exercising. 

The graph analytics below from SportsSG, shows the data of Singaporeans who exercise at least once a week, sorted by age groups. 

Is this enough?

However, exercising once a week is the bare minimum. “Adults are generally encouraged to do 150 minutes of moderate activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity a week.” A healthy ratio would be 30 minutes of physical activity (of any kind), 5 times a week.

Yes, 5 times a week may seem a tad much, but it really isn’t! A short 30 minutes of yoga exercises will do you more good than an episode of your favourite k-drama or Netflix series. 

Benefits of "Get Fit" Programmes

1. Keeps your Heart, Lungs and Bones healthy

Regular physical activity improves the blood flow to your heart and vital organs in your body. Aerobic exercises build stronger heart muscles, giving you more energy throughout the day, hence, feeling less lethargic. Resistance training work on major muscle groups, making them stronger and more resilient. Weight-bearing nature activities like walking and jogging increase bone density, preventing and reducing the risk of osteoporosis. 

2. Mental Health

Mental health goes hand in hand with physical fitness – they are interconnected! Thus, regular exercise helps elevate your mood! 

3. Strong Immunity

With stronger and more resilient vital organs through regular physical activity, the body immunity levels increase, keeping diseases at bay. Research has shown that individuals with regular physical activity levels have shown a reduced risk of Coronary Heart disease, High Blood Pressure and many more. 

4. Weight Management

Bonus! Regular exercise can help you get rid of excess body fat. Because our body burns more calories as you exercise, it helps in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. 

Source: Health Hub SG 

Take this Quiz!

The big old question is, am I active enough to achieve a healthy and active lifestyle?

Take this quiz “Are You Active Enough” by American Institute for Cancer Research. 5 Simple Multiple Choice questions to help you figure out your current physical activity levels. 

Try "Get Fit" Fitness Class TODAY!

EduSportSingapore always has the health and wellness of our clients in mind! Our “Get Fit” Programmes can be done both physically and virtually. The programme equips you with the basic skills and techniques for you to continue these exercises taught during your own free time!

Activities available in our “Get Fit” Programmes includes: Cardio-boxing, K-popx Fitness, Martial Arts/Self-Defence, Muaythai, Piloxing, and more!

Let’s all aim for a healthy and active lifestyle together! Do contact us if you have any enquiries.

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