ACtivesg Tchoukball cup 2022

Due to COVID-19, fitness and sporting events that involve mass participation have been either entirely stopped, or heavily regulated by safety measures. As a result, many competitions have been halted. SportSG has rolled a new initiative – an extension to the current Sports Resilience Package (SRP). The key intent of this is to strengthen the industry’s capability and capacity to deliver quality competitions and leagues in the new normal. SportSG seeks to bring sports back, enabling all children and youth to participate in team sports within a structured and safe environment. 

EduSportSingapore was one of the few organizations chosen across the country to create and run a tournament for the Tchoukball enthusiasts in Singapore.

The ActiveSG Tchoukball Cup aims to bring competitions back while adhering to social distancing protocols. This programme allows participants of all ages to come together in teams of 5 to play against each other. 

The long-awaited Tchoukball Cup officially commenced in February 2022! Watch the trailer here!


Check out the following videos for highlights of the tournament!

Male Open Highlights:

Female Open Highlights:

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