4 Popular Games for Virtual Team Building

4 Popular Games for Virtual Team Building

Team building activities are not a new concept, both schools and corporations utilize them every year to improve group unity.

Examples of these include simple exercises like broken telephone to more large-scale activities like bubble bump.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many of these activities are off the table for social distancing reasons.

Hence team-building, like everything else, has gone virtual. Here are 4 popular games that we feel are great for team building:

1. Scribble.io 

Trying to guess a drawing on skribbl.io


Easily the breakout star of this quarantine period. Scibble.io has a simple Pictionary style premise, where one person is tasked to draw something while the others frantically try to guess what it is.

The faster you guess, the more points you will get.

The drawer will get points from people guessing the correct answer too!

It does not matter if you are the next Picasso or have the drawing skills of a 5-year-old, there is always fun to be had.

Trying to guess your friends drawing of a tiger that everyone thinks is a dog (yes that has happened to me before) from being amazed that someone conveyed a niche drawing of Mr Bean to the entire group means that your experience will be varied and more importantly, fun!

Genres: Drawing, casual

Free to play on browser:  https://skribbl.io/

2. Shell Shockers


We have another io game on the list, but this one is a first-person shooter involving eggs (you did not read that wrong). The cartoony aesthetic and easy controls make it one of the most approachable shooting games out there.

You can create a private game with your friends to enjoy the sizable roster of weapons and maps. Who knew a game about eggs attempting to splatter each other would prove to be such a hit?

Genres: Shooting, action, kid-friendly

Free to play on browser: https://shellshock.io


3. JackBox Party Pack

A collection of virtual mini-games, JackBox party pack has a collection of 6 packs, each containing about 5  games to choose from.

From making your own raps to solving a murder mystery, the sheer variety of games means you will always be entertained.

You do have to buy each pack individually. Fortunately, only one person needs to buy it for the whole group.

The owner of the pack just needs to share his/her screen on a video conferencing program like zoom or discord and everybody can use their smartphone to play! Between you and your friends, you can play the entire collection with minimal investment.

Genres: Minigames, Groups, Casual, Variety

Buy from: Steam, Epic Games Store Humble bundle. Available on PC/MAC/Console


4. Overcooked 2

Ah yes, classic overcooked. Overcooked 2 has been at the forefront of cooperative gaming for the longest time. It is a skill-testing and requires much coordination to cook and serve enough dishes before the timer runs out.

You can play remotely if everyone has a copy of a game, probably best for small teams who want to have an activity together with a good level of intensity.

You will be more united as a team if you manage to get through the tough levels, with communication and assigning roles a core part to attaining the coveted 3 stars.

Genres: Cooking, Funny, Chaos, Intense

Buy from: Steam, Epic Games Store, Humble bundle Available on PC/MAC/Console

Top tip: Using a video conferencing program like Discord or Zoom will make your sessions exponentially more fun!

Online games are a great way to build bonds within your team. Edusportsingapore will be running customizable online team building programmes and esports workshops for your teams. For enquiries please contact info@edusportsingapore.com.sg now

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