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3 Things to Consider When Organizing School Sports Events

Organizing School sports events can be a great way to encourage students to take part in physical activity. Popular games like kin-ball, bubble bump, and archery tag are ideal for boosting enthusiasm among the students. Moreover, these energetic games encourage team spirit and give the students many good memories.

However, institutions should engage professional support to make the sports event more organized and much safer. A professional sports event company generally has an infrastructure that includes trained sports instructors, skillful management teams, co-ordinators, and proper sports equipment.

If you are looking forward to organizing school sports events to encourage the students to stay healthy and active, you should consider the following things:

#1 Safety – Concentrating on Proper Hygiene Guidelines During COVID-19.

As the outbreak from the pandemic gets gradually more controlled, schooling activities will be resumed shortly. As per the report from the Singapore Health Ministry, from late February 2021, National School Games will be resumed for some sports across the divisions. For team sports like basketball and floorball, the competitions will be held in a modified 3v3 format.

Safety matters the most for any sports activity, especially when the well-being of the students are concerned. As such, institutions should seek professional guidance when it comes to managing sporting events.

Sports event companies should ensure the safety of students by providing professionally trained sports instructors. Moreover, they should not overlook proper hygiene guidelines in the current post-covid situation. They should strictly adhere to the protocols of MOE.

#2 Hire a Professional Sports Events Company for School Sports Events.

One of the first few steps of planning any sports event should considering to hire a professional sports event company. This is because they would be able to provide expert solutions in regard to arranging and managing the entire sports event. A professional sports event company would take care of the following responsibilities:

  • Organizing school sports events.
  • Managing the event with trained sports and game instructors.
  • Assuring cooperation among the students.
  • Maintaining hygiene and providing the required sports equipment.
  • Ensuring that all necessary medical aid is made available.

#3 Choose Sports Games and Activities that Promote Positive Health, Team Spirit, and Other Benefits.

Due to the lockdowns, the entire world has gone through large amounts of mental and emotional stress. Research has shown that the most mentally affected group after the COVID-19 pandemic were the youth, as they were confined within a restricted environment. Long days of detachment from school, its events, and activities have significantly impacted their mental health in a negative manner.

After the official announcement from the Ministry of Education regarding school resumption, organizations are looking forward to engaging their students in physical activity.

One good physical activity would be competitive school sports events. This is because they typically promote positive health, solidarity, and enthusiasm among the students. Outdoor activities are also perfect when it comes to rejuvenating the mental health of the students.


Active physical activities and team sports prepare students to combat challenges efficiently and make them confident in facing adverse situations. Therefore, schools should enrol their students in engaging sporting activities so that they can benefit from the mental, physical and emotional benefits that come with it. Start preparing to plan for school sports events today!

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