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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Teacher’s DIY Programme

What is Teacher's DIY Programme?

Teacher's DIY Programme

The Teacher’s DIY Programme allows teachers to abide by the measures and provide students with enriching sports activities! 

We have 4 activities available, Archery Shooting, Archery Tag, Music Whackers and Build em’ up. These activities will all be conducted with a clear Instructional Video that students will follow.

A short and simple training session will also be provided to guide teachers on the programme overview. Teachers will gain a better understanding of the activity and be able to assist the students during the programme.

(Training Session can be provided both physically and virtually)

In this blog post, let us explain why this programme is a suitable choice for your school

Why should you consider the Teacher's DIY Programme?

1. Tightened Safety Regulations

Firstly, we understand the anxiety you may face from the constantly changing measures

The Teacher’s DIY Programme ensures that we have zero contact with these students. Equipment for the programme will be dropped off with minimal contact (after-hours, or advised by the school). 

2. Fuss-free Programme for Teachers

Secondly, we are run by Ex-MOE teachers with 15-years of teaching experience combined. Thus, we understand how busy teachers are on a day to day basis. As such, the programme is designed to minimise the workload for  teachers! 

Instructional Videos are clear and easy to follow even for primary schoolers. Hence, this reduces the preparation and guidance needed by teachers. 

3. Holistic Experience for Students

Lastly, activities in the programme are targeted to increase a student’s engagement on a cognitive, social and physical level. With this, we hope to bring forth a holistic experience for everyone. 

Each of the lesson plans are well thought out to incorporate values chosen by you. Below are some examples of values that can be incorporated into the activities. 

Archery Shooting: Resilience

Archery Tag: Diligence

Music Whackers: Teamwork

Build em’ Up: Communication

The images shown above are behind the scenes from the most recent Teacher’s DIY Programme – Training Session for teachers.

We are the leading sports and team building events company in Singapore.  At EduSport, we take pride in creating a safe environment for students, even during COVID-19. Our own proprietary anti-covid measures will give teachers the peace of mind to engage us to conduct activities for their students. 

Contact us now to find out more.  

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